2013 International Contemporary Furniture Fair

H+A designers Christine Rankin, Jennifer Clapp and Katelyn Miersma attended the annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC back in May. It felt “spring appropriate” to see bright color and abstract pattern after a long winter of grey and walnut!


From top left:
1. Zuzunaga blankets.
2. Sandback side table.
3. Floor lamp from Stickbulb.
4. Benches by Rickard Whittingham.
5. Porcelain sculls by Beetle & Flor.
6.+7. Carpet details by Rai Alexandra for M&M Design International.
8. Cabinet by Volk.
9. Patrick Townsend lighting.
10. Sconces by Alexandra Burr and Allen Slamic.
11. Mandal Veveri blankets.
12. Wallpaper by Alyse Solomon.