H+A’s branding design work is meant to engage our architectural clients who are tasked with the job of forming a new identity for retail, mixed-use, and commercial projects. Over the years, H+A has had the opportunity to work with a number of well-regarded local, national, and global retailers and restaurateurs to reinforce their branding efforts by designing retail prototypes maintaining the consistency of a brand’s aesthetics through material selection and the integration of a wide range of environmental graphics. In addition to working with established brands, we now have graphic and visual design staff working alongside our architects and interior designers to help develop new brands and ensure that every integrated project bears the quality of thoughtful, unique, and cohesive ideas. In 2014, to signal the expansion of our integration of design disciplines to include a branding and graphic design consultancy, we launched H+ Magazine, a semi-annual print and digital publication created, designed, and published by H+A. The magazine acts as a kind of laboratory for experimenting with visual design, editorial content, H+A brand-development, and even our own photography and illustration production.