FP3 press: ‘Re-Use Architecture’ + the SF Chronicle

ReUse Architecture

FP3 will be featured in Re-Use Architecture, a new publication from Braun Publishing that will showcase the architecture of re-use. FP3 will appear with “more than 100 projects from around the world which are distinguished by a change of function”: examples include a police station turned cinema, a transformer turned synagogue, and a swimming pool turned art center, among others.

FP3 consists of two 19th century warehouse buildings and a newly constructed infill building, all topped with a contemporary stacked addition of three penthouse floors. For more information about the project, check out this video.

According to the publishers, these “innovative buildings and spaces are…emerging with layers superimposed on top of one another; the original function usually still provides the scale and structure, into which a new matrix of utilization is installed.”

Hacin_FP3 copy

The San Francisco Chronicle also mentioned FP3 in a great article about Boston. Written by the Chronicle’s Urban Design Writer John King, the piece [‘Chic Shift in Boston Neighborhoods’] talks about Boston as a city that has changed and grown more modern while maintaining the layered richness of its storied past. The article cites FP3 as an example of this growth: “This is the best of the new Boston: informed by history but adding to it with intelligent restraint.”