H+A in Newburyport


To celebrate the arrival of autumn and the official Halloween season, H+A took a trip to Newburyport for a day of pumpkin carving, apple cider sipping, and various other holiday festivities. Jennifer Clapp hosted the entire H+A team at her lovely Newburyport home; while it poured buckets of rain outside the crew kept warm around a crackling fire dining on a scrumptious spread of homeade soup and gruyere grilled cheese [recipes to come]. Yum!


Above, a curated display of pumpkins from our first ever H+A pumpkin carving contest! Click below for more…

Check out the photographs below from the first ever H+A pumpkin carving contest!




Scott Thomson and Matthew Manke took away the grand prize for their scowling carved pumpkin. The pumpkin stood above all others for it’s ‘minimalist’ approach that paid close attention to detail: pumpkin seed ‘pupils’, intricately carved pumpkin gut ‘teeth’, and an abnormally large underbite finished off with a charred twig ‘cigar’ …Spooky!