H+A in Provincetown


H+A recently played hookey for a day and headed down to Provincetown, Massachusetts to enjoy a day in the sun filled with shopping, eating, exploring, and a little break from the hustle and bustle of Boston.

The day began with an early ferry ride from downtown Boston to the heart of Provincetown. From there we piled into a convoy of Art's Dune Tour trucks and took off for the national seashore to experience a fascinating [and bumpy!] dune tour expedition. If you recall, this was the site of H+A's E-Scape Dune Shack competition submission. Art's guides were chock-full of enthralling information on the history of the dune shacks and surrounding land. Thanks so much, Art's Dune Tours!



After the tour, we headed down to Bubala's By the Bay for a scrumptious lunch, and then went on to enjoy some of the best of Provincetown: bike riding, shopping, and lounging on the beach.




Finally we re-convened at The Lobster Pot to wrap up the day before boarding a sunset-cruise ferry ride back into the city. Thanks, Provincetown, for a much-needed day of relaxation!