H+A Interview: Spotlight on Kate Kelley


First in a series of features highlighting individual members of the H+A team, this interview connects with associate Kate Kelley, Director of Interior Design. Read on to learn more about Kate's philosophy on life, design, and the importance of playing hopsotch.

FirstimageDesign isfor me, design is helping to make life just a little easier and more pleasant for people. I noticed early on that my mood and general wellness was directly affected by my surroundings – space, scale, color, light. Life can be hard enough so if I can bring someone comfort and ease with a well-designed space then I am happy.

A turning point for me wasdefinitely the decision to switch careers. Everyone in my family, including myself, was trained in finance and no one expected me to make the switch to design. Thankfully I made this change early on and I haven't looked back once.

Words of wisdomI think one saying I try hard to remember is 'stop and smell the roses.' My life is a little crazed with family and work and so I'm usually in a rush and constantly thinking of the next thing 'to-do.' In the midst of the chaos, I try to stop and recognize the small moments of joy that really count: like if I'm rushing into a doctors appointment with one of my kids and they suddenly stop and want to play hopscotch, or if we are reading the third book of the night and I can hardly stay awake as they keep asking questions about 'why frog is mad at toad.'

You must go seeMackinac Island, Michigan! My parents are from Michigan and most of my extended family still lives there. I went to Mackinac Island for the first time for my uncle's wedding when I was ten and haven't forgotten it since. Basically, it's the Nantucket of Michigan but even more special. You arrive by ferry and there are no cars or motorcycles allowed on the island so you get around by foot, bike or horse buggy. It is magical. It's like Disney, but real!

– Kate Kelley

CollageImages of Kate's desk + pin-up space