Boston Magazine Concept Home

Boston Magazine Concept HomeBoston Concept Home living room, with vintage Kagan couch [photo by Hacin + Associates]

The Boston Magazine Concept Home was recently completed by Hacin + Associates in a penthouse unit at FP3. Unlike a typical show house where a different designer is responsible for each room, H+A conceived and designed the entirety of the Concept Home in conjunction with numerous local vendors, who opened up their inventory to H+A designers.

Given the range of products to be integrated into the design, the initial concept that evolved was: reuse, recycle, and contrast old vs new, high cost vs low, and traditional vs modern. The challenging but rewarding task of using only what was available from vendors at the time, mixing items from various sources, and making it all work together was seen as analogous to when a young couple moves into a new apartment–merging households and combining styles, unifying different generations of furniture and accessories—grandparents’ pieces, parent’s pieces, their own personal pieces, and the new. It’s all about the mix, one thing relative to the next. Blending genres. The perfect playlist.

Visit the Boston Concept Home website for more photos and information, or check out our Concept Home photo album!

The Concept Home will be featured in the September 2009 issue of Boston Magazine and in the Fall 2009 issue of Boston Home. Stay tuned for upcoming Concept Home events!