H+A at Home: Vintage-modern tabletop


Jennifer's dining room, with a mix of mid-century and cafe chairs and a George Nelson pendant; colorful embroidered napkins soften the clean lines of round felt placemats and sleek modern china [photos by Natalie Wi].

Jennifer Clapp, H+A designer, was recently featured in a new online magazine titled 'Nesting Newbies'. The magazine focuses on newlyweds, providing tips for entertaining and cooking. Jennifer’s mission was to design a ‘tablescape’ that would be affordable and easy for readers to replicate in their own homes. Pulling from her fascination with contrasting styles, Jennifer paired modern tableware from Teroforma and LSA with antique chintz and Depression-era glass and silver unearthed from the cabinets of family members. The concept was to repurpose these old-fashioned items as decorative centerpieces framed by crisp, contemporary pieces. Click here for a pdf of the article.

The magazine also asked Jennifer for her favorite tableware source in Boston, and it was an easy answer. Lekker, located in Boston’s South End and owned by Natalie van Dijk Carpenter, houses some of the world’s most beautifully designed pieces from manufacturers such as Stelton, Royal Copenhagen, LSA, and Teroforma. For a pdf of the Lekker article, click here.


Graphic wallpaper and wood accessories at Lekker [photo by Natalie Wi]