On the boards: South End Laconia Loft

H+A is in the process of designing a residence in one of our own buildings, the Laconia Lofts [a 99-unit loft building on Washington Street in the South End]. Laconia 500 is one of two penthouse units that make up the iconic tower of Laconia–the other unit is actually David Hacin’s own residence.


Dawn Beckman and Sam Hassan of Silverstone Developments are acting as both client and contractor for this project. The double height loft will be their home, but will also act as a showcase of their company’s craftsmanship. The space is full of non-traditional details and sleek, multifunctional millwork, which will demonstrate their company’s attention to quality as well as their willingness to take on tricky high-end custom details.


The raw space of the loft is essentially a mirror image of David Hacin’s, but the finished project will be very different. The space will be dominated by two double height volumes at the  perimeter, one clad in walnut and the other plaster. Together with the 15’ windows, these elements will define the open space of the living room. The walnut volume will mediate between the private and public areas. It will be a big millwork piece with sliding doors that open and close according the level of privacy needed, allowing it to read alternately as either monolithic or porous. Rising above the living room, a new stair wrapped in a sculptural walnut screen will lead to a private landscaped roof deck and plunge pool.