Sneak peek: Newport Firehouse ‘Hose 8’

Newport Firehouse 'Hose 8'

We now have professional photos of the Newport Firehouse project, a renovated historic firehouse in Rhode Island that has been turned into a light-filled modern home through a very complicated preservation process.

During the course of the three-year restoration, the three-story nineteenth century building had to be completely dismantled due to structural issues. It was carefully reassembled brick by brick, with a new concrete foundation and a flexible modern interior which allows adaptable configurations over the residents’ lifetimes. The project was honored with The Newport Restoration Foundation’s ‘Doris Duke Preservation Award’ for ‘heroic efforts to save a building that would have otherwise been lost’.

The project was featured in ‘Popular Mechanics’ for its ‘obsessive historic preservation and renewable energy systems’–laser 3d imaging helped to reassemble the building exactly as it was, and there is a geothermal heating and cooling system [explained in our earlier post]. ‘Rhode Island Monthly’ also had a piece on this project, with lots of construction photos and detailed descriptions of the design process and intent. For the Popular Mechanics article, click here; for RI Monthly, click here.

Commercial photography director Clint Clemens was both client and photographer for this project. See below for some of his photos, which we will be adding to our web portfolio soon. We also have a new photo album with details and images from the photo shoot here.


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