Inform + Inspire: ‘Rear Window’ Timelapse

Alfred Hitchcock's 1954 'Rear Window' is a film that comes to mind constantly while working on projects in the dense Boston neighborhoods of Back Bay and Beacon Hill. Associate Matthew Manke recently stumbled across a brilliant project by Jeff Desom feauturing the film. The clever remix takes footage from the original masterpiece and combines it into a single, super wide-angle time-lapse panorama which captures the entire view depicted from Jeffries' window.

Filmmaker Jeff Desom describes his work during an interview with Elvis D'Silva for the blog 'One Small Window':

"The project was commissioned by a Luxembourg venue which has this extremely wide screen above their bar. They let me do whatever I wanted as long as it would loop seemlessly and cover the entire width. I immediately thought about doing some sort of panorama. When looking for a scene my mind kept floating around the buildings in 'Rear Window.' I always loved the art direction in that film. You just wish you could have hung around the studio lot at the time. Eventually I was overwhelmed by the urge to see what the set must have looked like as a whole."

For more info, read the rest of Elvis D'Silva's interview here.