Meet Allbertrand Pierre, Our Fall 2017 Intern

We have a new intern team member at H+A! Allbertrand Pierre is a fifth year Architecture and Graphic Design student at Northeastern University and joined us as a co-op for the semester, starting earlier this summer. Growing up in Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan, Al has experienced the growth and change of Boston’s infrastructure over the past 23 years firsthand. He notes that although growing up in Boston allowed him to see the growth and development of the communities around him, he was also able to see that some changes did more hurting than helping. While Al hopes his work in design will help others, he also strongly feels design must also represent connections to the city’s history and traditions. His interest in architecture developed as a senior at Boston Latin Academy, where he was first introduced to the profession through his love for physics and the visual and performing arts. Being of Haitian descent, Al hopes to be a role model and inspire others sharing his background. “I want to become an architect because other young Haitians deserve to believe that they can do it too,” he says. Aside from student and professional life, Al plays the trumpet and he is a very passionate supporter of Boston sports teams. If not at the office, you may be able to find him shooting hoops at your local basketball courts or jamming with friends at different venues around Boston.

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