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Hacin + Associates' president, David Hacin sitting at his desk

Hacin Overview.

What We Design

Since its inception, Hacin has designed distinctive single-family homes, lofts, and apartments throughout the United States, and we are proud to have cultivated relationships with an extraordinary network of individuals that we think of as collaborators as much as clients. Our work is rooted in ‘concept-driven design’ and aims to celebrate the inherent qualities and character of a site as well as the unique aspirations of the people who will inhabit it. For our private clients, the firm's interdisciplinary team works together to create architecture, interior design, and personalized graphic expression to meet their highest design standards and exceed expectations. Our residential design team has received honors from every major awards program in the industry and our work has been widely published many times over to a growing, global audience.

Whether you're overhauling a stately Newton Tudor or building a shiny new loft in the South End, this is your go-to team for smart layouts, stunning detailing, and integrated interior and exterior spaces - in other words, exceptional contemporary design.


  • Four51 PH

  • Teton Mountain House

  • Public Garden TH

Private Residential Portfolio

Working with entrepreneurs, creative companies, non-profit organizations, and seasoned developers, our commercial buildings and interiors have been praised for their thoughtful designs and are often respected as neighborhood landmarks. Much of our work has been considered catalytic in the realm of housing and neighborhood redevelopment, impacting the trajectory of entire communities and the city at large. Hacin's experience creating dynamic workspaces for advertising agencies, design consultancies, beauty product laboratories, and real estate agencies and investors, further illustrates the range and influence of our broad commercial practice. The work we do supports our belief in the impact of ‘incremental urbanism’ — the notion that small actions can add up to big changes in our community over time — and is well demonstrated through our extensive body work throughout the Boston area.

[Hacin’s] special talent lies in absorbing what's lovely and worthy of preservation from our urban context and distilling those elements into handsome new architecture...working artfully and precisely. [The design team] is not afraid to look to the past for inspiration and beauty, and knows their clients have modern requirements to satisfy, but they're also committed to building something that will last well beyond a lifetime. [Hacin] is designing and building for the long haul - not just for the past or the present, but for the future above all else.


  • IDEO Cambridge

  • District Hall

  • BioMed Realty Offices

Commercial Portfolio

Hacin has cultivated a distinct portfolio of retail, hotel, and restaurant work throughout the Greater Boston area and around the world. We firmly believe that a strong design identity is integral to the success of any brand or venture. Reflecting our range of top tier retail and hospitality clients, our team’s design expertise is similarly diverse and far-reaching: We have, over time, created a series of clean, modern trademark designs for a global beauty brand, conceived a top rated contemporary hotel that honors the character of a historic neighborhood, and contributed to the success of a number of recognized restaurateurs and celebrity chefs. Collaborating with local, national, and international clients, Hacin’s award-winning projects have been widely featured in the commercial and fashion press, recognized with top industry awards, and embraced by enthusiastic audiences everywhere we go.

We found [Hacin's] collaborative approach in designing hospitality spaces inspirational, thought provoking, and perfectly suited for carrying out our vision for each restaurant. Working closely together, it’s clear that their expertise in design in conjunction with our team’s experience made for authentic and ultimately superior results with which we couldn’t be more pleased.


  • Shore Leave

  • The Whitney Hotel

  • Glass House

Retail + Hospitality Portfolio

Over three decades, Hacin has built a reputation for work that celebrates our collective history. In the traditional sense, our work in architectural preservation has involved protecting historic structures from adverse change, either by restoration, careful intervention, or by avoiding intervention altogether to maintain a project’s cultural integrity. Hacin also embraces a broader definition of preservation that includes adapting historic buildings for modern use or constructing new buildings on historic sites that strengthen the character of an existing neighborhood or district. Our team is well-versed in identifying innovative solutions to meet the goals of preservation agencies, understanding the technical requirements of new and existing buildings, and always keeping the programmatic needs of our clients uppermost in our minds. Over the years, our work has been recognized by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Boston Preservation Alliance, among others.

New infill amongst historic structures is one of the most difficult challenges architects face. [Hacin's] work on Four51 Marlborough shows that careful consideration of context and significant detailing can be respectful and appropriately referential to historic design while creating a thoroughly modern building.


  • FP3

  • Jordan Lofts

  • 83 Gardner Street

Preservation + Reuse Portfolio