News October 3, 2014

Boston Magazine’s Design Home 2014

Boston Magazine’s Design Home 2014

Hacin Designer, Jenn Clapp, recently toured  Boston Magazine’s latest Design Home in Salisbury, New Hampshire. Homeowners Tom and Natalie Treat worked with Ridgeview Construction to build an environmentally-friendly home as well as public awareness. As stated in the Design Home’s brochure, “The 2,400-square-foot, single-family home… is a newly built modular construction that features energy-efficient building techniques and systems, as well as eco-friendly finishes and furnishings. As a net zero-energy structure, it will generate as much renewable energy as it consumes each year.”

Jennifer Clapp Boston Magazine Design Home

Pictured above, from left: FBN construction’s Clayton Schuller, Hacin Designer Jennifer Clapp, and 60 Nobscot’s Ray Bachand. 

Jenn was happy to bump into FBN Construction’s Clayton Schuller, VP of Business Development, and Ray Bachand, owner and craftsman of 60 Nobscot. We are in the midst of an exciting residential project in Boston’s North End with FBN, and Ray’s custom furniture has found its way into many of our project interiors. One such piece was featured in our Boston Magazine Concept Home, and we still remember that collaboration fondly.