News October 5, 2016

Food Plating: A Design Story

Food Plating: A Design Story

Designed & Plated by Jennifer Clapp, Matthew Woodward, & Yaoyao Kelly | Illustrations by David Hacin | Photography by Emily Neumann


A photographic essay of food, plated as notable architectural styles from Brutalist to Bauhaus.

This essay was born from a mutual appreciation for the art of food plating: the composition, color, texture, and emotional response evoked by the aesthetic. In this spirit, we began to question the realm of possibility around design-inspired food plating. How can the allowance of color, texture, and form evoke the spirit of architecture and design? This is visually explored throughout the average day of a right-brained individual with each time of day and meal taking shape (quite literally) in accordance to a specific architectural style.

Brutalist | Breakfast, 7:06 am
Japanese | Lunch, 1:15 pm
Bauhaus | Afternoon Tea, 3:47 pm
Tudor | Dinner, 8:22 pm
Victorian | Dessert, 9:13 pm
Minimalism | Midnight Snack, 12:05 am

This is an excerpt from H+ Magazine | Issue #4.