News November 7, 2018

ID Boston Magazine Features South End Townhouse

ID Boston Magazine Features South End Townhouse

Take a flip through the Fall 2018 issue of ID Boston Magazine and you’ll find one of our recent South End residential projects. Built in the late 19th-century, this six-story townhouse was carefully adapted for the active lifestyle of a young family. The goal was to design a space for modern, casual living while preserving the home’s historic charm. Contemporary furniture forms contrast ornate architectural details, striking a delicate balance between traditional and modern.

“Boston townhouses are often updated, modernized, or furnished in a more contemporary style,” said David Hacin. “The goal of this project was to do something special — to make it theirs by infusing the home with the spirit and energy of its owners and their young children.”

Along with personalized features, such as a wine cellar and dance studio, the kids’ room was a fun focal point of the project. “I knew it was successful the minute the clients’ two young boys ran in to see their newly completed bedroom and immediately sat down in the oversized chair to read a book together,” said Hacin Interior Designer Rebecca Rivers. They couldn’t wait to start using their room.

Visit ID Boston Magazine to read the full story or pick up a print copy at the Boston Design Center.