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Parcel 25

In the last decade, Hacin has collaborated with multiple teams in an effort to develop Parcel 25, one of the last available pieces of land its size in downtown Boston. Located at the gateway to Chinatown and the downtown area, the site consists of around 32,000 SF of vacant land with a wealth of development options and creative potential. Working in collaboration with ICON Architecture and Mikyoung Kim Design in 2012 and KPF and Ground, Inc. in 2021, Hacin participated in RFP processes as a consulting public realm architect for these proposed developments in order to help shape the site's potential impact on the surrounding community and neighbors.

  • 2021 Team
  • BioMed RealtyKPFGround, Inc.
  • 2012 Team
  • Archstone New Development Holdings LPBerkeley Investments, Inc.ICON ArchitectureMikyoung Kim Design