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In any profession, not all opportunities come to fruition. However, not all is lost. Sometimes the opportunity results in a redirected path. Over the years, Hacin has been involved with many urban design and planning efforts throughout the Greater Boston Area, presenting opportunities for our team to collaborate with, and ultimately learn from, award-winning, globally-recognized designers. In some cases, one project opportunity leads to another. For example, in 2008, Hacin was tapped to advise on the development of the Seaport Square Master Plan, drawing upon strong insight into the City of Boston's public approvals process. In coordination with ADD Inc. (now Stantec), our design team worked on a mixed-use retail, office, and condominium building on Parcel A, taking the project through the Schematic Design Phase and engaging with the Boston Redevelopment Authority. While the larger Master Plan was approved, Parcel A was sold to a new developer that hired a new architect with specialization in hotel design to create the present-day Envoy Hotel. Hacin's work on these efforts ultimately led to the opportunity to design District Hall, a pivotal project for the studio and the City of Boston at large. What's the takeaway? Find the good in your bad luck.

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