News February 14, 2022

Returning to Events in Person! Hacin Designers Attend BSA Vendor Event

Returning to Events in Person! Hacin Designers Attend BSA Vendor Event

Members of our interior design team attended an Innovations with Libations event, themed “For the Love of Chocolate” in the BSA Space on February 9th. The event featured booths with 20+ vendors, showing off new product offerings for 2022, and included companies like Crossville, Wilsonart, Consolidated Brick, Wolf-Gordon and, Patcraft. The experience hosted hundreds of industry members and was chocolate themed, featuring a hot chocolate bar and giveaways.

Designers Sophie Mailhot and Madeline Wright at the Innovations with Libations event
Momentum Textiles‘ booth featured new 2022 products, as well as Tony’s chocolate bars

A particularly engaging aspect of the event included a vendor experience entitled “Beer and Build” with Boston Light Source and RBW, where participants were able to assemble a light fixture themselves while enjoying beverages. Our designers put together the components of the “Dimple” fixture themselves and were able to bring them home to integrate into their own residences. Check out the finished product at the top of the post!

Hacin is so excited to return to in-person events within the Boston design community and are grateful to our colleagues for the effort put into this event. Thank you specifically to Lara Robertson from Boston Light Source and Tina Nguyen from RBW for the wonderful experience!