News June 7, 2024

Three New Faces Joining Hacin This Summer

Three New Faces Joining Hacin This Summer

We’re excited to welcome three new faces to our studio this summer- Jennifer Tate, Caroline Kerner, and Zoe Xu. Jennifer Tate and Caroline Kerner will be working with us for the season as interns in our interior design and architecture practices, respectively, and Zoe is joining our team as a full-time registered architect. Read on to learn more about these three wonderful additions to our staff!

Jennifer Tate joins Hacin upon the completion of her first year of the interior architecture and design program at Suffolk University after receiving her PhD in Architectural History from the University of Texas at Austin in 2020. She comes to interior design by way of architectural history, with a focus on pre-war modern housing, the history of design, and modern architecture. Jen is eager to apply her academic and teaching background in a hands-on, tangible way and is thrilled for the opportunity to learn within the collaborative, cooperative, and inclusive work environment fostered at Hacin. Upon graduation from Suffolk, she hopes to focus on residential and small-scale commercial interior design, blending historic sensitivity with enhanced functionalism, a modern sensibility, and a personal sense of place. Jen lives with her husband Kerem in Cambridge. They love road-tripping through New England, exploring the Boston art and music scene, and are looking forward to taking their golden retriever puppy on hiking and beach adventures this summer.

“I am fascinated by the inherently social and cultural nature of architecture and design – the meaning we give to designed objects as evidence of who we are, who we aspire to be, and how we want to live. Interior architecture and design exist at the intersection of intentional placemaking and spatial problem solving, a contextual nexus binding person and place together through color, texture, scale, and form in service to the augmentation of life that takes place within its walls.”

Caroline Kerner is a rising third year student in the school of architecture at Syracuse University and will graduate in 2027. Caroline is a Boston native and grew up exploring the museums, restaurants, and neighborhoods of the city with a sketchbook and her camera. In school, she is inspired by her architectural theory courses and enjoys learning through reading and writing. Beyond the studio, Caroline enjoys swimming, skiing, travel, and creating art alongside her friends and family.

“Design is a social practice that flourishes with communication amongst a field of diverse thought. Every experience is a learning opportunity and sharing those experiences will promote growth and productivity.”

Zoe joined Hacin in 2024 after obtaining a master’s degree in architecture from Northeastern University and beginning her career focusing on the early design phase of multi-family projects in Boston. After moving to Washington D.C. at the beginning of 2020, she shifted her path towards exploring the technical realm of the industry where she worked on the CD and CA phases of large, fast-paced mixed-use high-rise buildings and became a licensed architect. The true calling of creating intentional space encouraged her to rethink where she wanted to devote her passion to make the world a better place. In her spare time, she is all about food – cooking, baking, reading recipes, and photography. She can also be caught immersing herself in various artistic projects, exploring new places and experiences, or in the gym!

“I believe in the power of intention and creative problem solving. The fusion of rational thought process and playful imagination evokes the most impactful architectural expressions and its essential identity – the sense of place that interconnects with the history and culture, the site, the evolving environment, and tenants’ lives.”

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