News January 18, 2019

Glass House Wins BSA Hospitality Design Award

Glass House Wins BSA Hospitality Design Award

Glass House was honored at last night’s BSA Design Awards in the ‘Hospitality Design’ category. It’s the inaugural year for the Hospitality Design Awards program, inspiring an award selection that “demonstrated consistency over flashy moves and one-liners, presented a well-developed atmosphere, and clearly used design to provide superior user experience.”

Located in Cambridge’s Kendall Square, Glass House was inspired by the neighborhood’s innovation and glass-making history. Drawing upon these themes, the hospitality concept was conceived as a “modern-day meeting house” for the community. This led the design team to create the restaurant’s design and branding concept as a nod to Kendall Square’s visionary identity. As noted by the jury, “More restaurants should be so clever, spirited, and cohesive.”

Glass House is the result of our fully-integrated services and multidisciplinary approach to design. Congratulations to our clients, consultants, and our fantastic project team: Matthew Arnold, Christine Rankin Manke, Emily Neumann, and Rebecca Rivers!

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