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H+ Magazine is an in-house marketing publication produced at Hacin and released digitally and in print. First published in 2014, the magazine is a platform for conversation on design and culture in which all members of the design team at Hacin can contribute. Each issue features a wide range of creative and unexpected influences to what shapes and informs the profession of design and is presented with a collective audience of potential clients, collaborators, and other design professionals in mind. Hacin's visual identity practice develops original concepts and content, produces new editorial photography, and designs the layouts of each issue. The publication has been recognized for its design, editorial content, and photography with 11 awards and a number of mentions in other press. Written content, submissions, and supporting imagery by Hacin team members and other contributors and photographers are noted in each publication. See full issues for all credits, bylines, masthead, and list of contributors.

  • Awards & Press
  • 2018 HERMES CREATIVE AWARDS | Platinum, Design2018 HERMES CREATIVE AWARDS | Platinum, Magazine2017 INTERIOR DESIGN MAGAZINE | Best of Year Honoree2017 HERMES CREATIVE AWARDS | Platinum, Design2017 HERMES CREATIVE AWARDS | Platinum, Magazine2017 MUSE CREATIVE AWARDS | Platinum, Magazine2016 HERMES CREATIVE AWARDS | Platinum, Design2016 HERMES CREATIVE AWARDS | Platinum, Magazine2015 MARCOM AWARDS | Platinum, Print Design2015 MARCOM AWARDS | Platinum, Photography2015 CONTENT MARKETING AWARDS | Photography