Design Interns

Hacin is proud to participate in a number of co-operative education programs. Recently, we have hosted students from Northeastern University, the Wentworth Institute of Technology, and the Boston Architectural College, each with a wide variety of skills and interests. Hacin is grateful for the contributions made by all of our interns, past and present, and the vitality and fresh thinking they bring to our firm.

The following individuals have been a part of our studio in recent years through our co-op program: Joseph Quan, Adriana Ball, Joey Sola-Solé, Emma Tracy, Julia Young, Adrian Ramon, Marie Davis, Gloria He, Amera Youssef, Malcolm Khaldi, Raquel Swartz, Benjamin Epstein, Jack Foisey, Claire McGill, Alex Bondi, Kathryn Platt, Tae Shimamoto, and Allbertrand Pierre